Puppy plan: NEW YEAR PUPPIES 2012

Changed February 21 - 2012

We plan for a new and exciting litter with:

N UCH Løveliens Harmony Von Unkas and 


 S UCH Kungslejonets Attila - nickname Zkrotis


Here Zkrotis and Harmony have their second date, now in Malmköping on

Oktober 31th, and on New Years day 2012 we expect to see the results.



 Zkrotis is born March 21th 2008. He is approved as stud dog in Sweden and has a very good temper. 

Both parents are healthy and has the best result from following medical tests:
HD : Free
AA : Free 
Eye examination : Free

More information about Zkrotis here.

The combination Zcrotis / Harmony has an inbreeding degree of 0,78% taking into account 5 generations. 

On her last dog show in Kongsberg before Harmony will have her puppies she got following description from the judge:
"3 year. Sizzor bite. A quality bitch with excellent breed type. Lovely head. Correct expression. So well constructed. Correct angles in front and rear. Very nice top line. Good coat condition. Moves well."
For our own we would like to ad: She has a temper in a class by herself.

You are welcome to visit us and meet her as well as our other dogs before you decide where you buy your puppy.

ULTRASONIC INSPECTION November 28: The vet ascertained that there were at least 5 to 6 puppies. Our experience says that there are more. Harmony has not longer the same good appetite as earlier, so now she is spoiled with  extra good tasting food that she love. And of course quality dog food. Harmony is healthy and in good condition, and we are looking forward to some gorgeous puppies. 


The puppies didn't manage waiting until New Year's eve and arrived instead Thursday December 29th 2011. 
They were many and they were nice, and there were downright not enough space any longer to grow inside mummy. So today they were let out, 12 beautiful puppies, 6 females and 6 males. Mammy Harmony is all the time alert. They all seem to feel happy and have a good time in the puppybox.

It is New Year's eve and mummy and puppies are all very well in the puppybox. The male puppies are given preliminary nickname from Mr September to Mr February and the females from Miss March to Miss October. The weight as born was from 440 g to 620 g, and more than half of them weighed 570 g. A very uniform litter without a single fifth toe behind. From practical reasons the puppies have been split in two equal sized groups who changes in having time with mother.

4 days old the A-gang is hunting for food. And it is at stake to hold tight what you have!

And here the B-gang have got busy helping themselves to the milk.


16 days from birth. The puppies have opened their eyes, but are not able to see much so far. They have got their first worm-treatment and experienced the taste of raw beefburger. Mammy has enough milk, but the fastgrowing puppies soon need more food. They grow quite equal. Only one male was smaller than the others. He is still the smallest, but also he is developing very good.

Hello - I am a litle more than two weeks, I have got enough to eat and love a good time, only mummy and me.

No problem to sleep in the food dish when     I am 23 days and have got new beautiful teeth.
you had 
enough to eat. 

And I have also got teeth brother!                      Talk about crowd! All 12 with mummy.

These puppies belongs to what we call M-litter - 2011. This means that  the puppies will be given names starting with M. So dear all of you waiting for a puppy, please start looking for a nice name starting with M. 

Report January 23rd.
The puppies are 25 days old. They now eat soaked dogfood and have really got the taste of pure goatmilk. Mammy has not got as much milk as before, and at the same time they grow fast and need a lot of food and milk. They are very clever keeping their place tidy. The sleeping area is clean and we place food and drink away from that. And they themselves have found a corner where they can leave their faeces. Some forgetfulness may occur, but quite interesting how they manage to ceep their place tidy.

My name is Mr. September, and I am 32 days                     And I am  Mr. October - 5 weeks

Now we have eaten as much as we managed - and then it feels good to relax for a while.

And now we are 6 weeks and have had our 3rd treatment for worms - good to get rid of them,
we mean the intestinal worms!


Who may that be?


First meeting with snow. The temperature had rised to -2 deg.C. This was really fun!

Come on!

Good to warm up each other afterwards.

Still better, +2 deg.C, and out in the big garden..

2 days left until they start splitting, but they know nothing about that so far. 
Neither do they know anything about shampoo and hair dryer and such, but they soon will.
They are dayly outside for hours now, and still bushes that may be teared to pieces before they leave.


February 26th and 10 of the puppies have now gone to their new homes:
Madonna to Hedemark,
Mirabella remains by us,
Marvelous Aslan to Sogn og Fjordane,
Missenita to Rogaland,
Melody to Akershus,
Molly to Hordaland,
Magne to Hedemark,
Makayla to Buskerud,
Maximus to Vestfold and
Milo to Telemark.

Max goes on Tuesday to Østerdalen in Hedemark, and
Maximilian is the last puppy and goes to Assisi in Italy on Saturday.

We are sorry that we this time were not able to supply puppies to you on the waiting-list. We now however plan for a new litter, and you are welcome to follow this homepage and look for our next puppy-plan.



You will find the latest news about our puppies on this page.


 Our puppies are delivered from 8 weeks age with:
Dog's Pedigree issued by Norsk Kennel Klub
Individual Veterinary Certificate
Dog's Passport including Vaccination Certificate
ID-marked with microchip
Insured until taking over
Puppy Parcel with Diet and Vital-Animin
Folder with useful information