4 of our breeding dogs have been tested for the variant of Polyneuropathy LPN1. The result for all 4 is: N/N (free).
This apply Figaro, Goyro, Gazella and Harmony.


Gazella became Norwegian Champion at Kongsberg Hundeklubbs dog show  today.

More info under utstilling.


Harmonys meeting with Viggo was first of all a lot of playing and desire and high speed, but also a will to carry through the mating. 
More info here.

Now Harmony is on her way to Sweden in order to meet Viggo.
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We have been to a Double Dog Show in Nesbyen
See the result here.

Double Show in Solør
See the result here.

Joleen has got a new ownerJoleen mooved some time ago to Øyer in Gudbrandsdalen. Today they have taken over Joleen for good due to the fact that she may not be used for breeding due to defective teeth. She has been eye inspected without remarks, and the x-ray of hips and elbows look perfect. We wish both the new owner and beautiful pleasant Joleen good luck. 

Goyro and Harmony attended at the World Dog Show in Denmark last Sunday
What took place in the Leonberger ring may best be characterized as a farce this time as well. Goyro had a satisfactory result, circumstances taken into account. 
See the result here.

Congratulations to Fivas Choice at Ball-Ti-Mora
who has received a nice litter of 9 Leonbergerpuppies.
A special greeting from daddy Figaro.
More info here.

Goyro at dog show in Denmark yesterday, in early spring and in sunny weather. 
See the result here.

HURRAAAA!!!!!       Ulla came home again today after being away for almost 4 weeks.
She seems to be fine, except for being very thin. We now almost had lost our hope seeing her again, and even bigger is our joy having her back with us again. Her Leofriend Kat has in the meantime been much bigger and reddy to move to her new home tomorrow, so they have just one day together at Løvelien now.

Congratulations to Aldibara's Hope A Survivor, daily called Xanti
who has received a nice litter of 8 Leonbergerpuppies.
A special greeting from daddy Goyro.
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Gazella got her puppy last night.
A big and beautiful girl of 700 g is born.
More under puppyplans.

How many lives does a Leonberger have?
Løveliens Honneybee von Unkas had a serious accident. She fell more than 8 meters down in an empty silo. 
More about what happened here.

Congratulations to Felicity Exquisite av Eirabelstone
who has received a large litter of strong and nice Leonbergerpuppies.
A special greeting from daddy Figaro.
More info here.

Latest news on puppies.
See puppyplans.

Ikos has moved to Oslo for good.
We congratulate the family in Oslo and Ikos who all seem to have become extraordinary good friends after a successful relocation.  We wish them good luck. 

Congratulations to Golden Viking Easy
and to kennel Häxeboet in Sweden who have received a large litter with strong and nice Leonbergerpuppies.
A special greeting from daddy Goyro.
More info here.