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Congratulations to Lauren and Løveliens Nukva of Norris with CAC, CACIB and BOB at Holland cup in Amsterdam.


















Nukva has thereby also added Dutch championship to her list of achievements, shortly after her first litter. A very beautiful equipage.


Congratulation to Claus and Loraine.
Løveliens Loraine has been appoved as visiting dog by Red Cross with very good result. Hope that she may spread lot of joy during her visits. Congratulation and good luck to both of you in your service.

No puppies this time. 
There will unfortionately not be puppies next month as we had planed for and hoped for, this according to todays ultrasonic test. We very much regret this to you that have been waiting for a puppy from this litter.

The flag at half mast again, this time  for Madonna.
Our dear good friend Madonna, who at this time should have had a good time with some beautiful puppies instead unfortunately had to succumb to the disease that hit her so hard at her young age. Fortunately from other reasons there were no mating. 

We will miss you our dear good Madonna.


Congratulation to Solveig and Joleen.
Løveliens Joleen has been appoved as visiting dog by Red Cross with very good result. Hope that she may spread lot of joy during her visits. Congratulation and good luck to both of you in your service.

Figaro has also left us now.
Our dear good friend Figaro did also fall quietly asleep today after being sick the last weeks.  He would have been 10 years this summer,  and we are very grateful for the time we were allowed to have him together with us, from birth till now. We shall miss you Figaro.

Goyro is not among us any more.
Our dear good friend Goyro today fell quietly asleep after a short time of illness. He would have been 9 years this summer, and we are very grateful for the time we were allowed to have him together with us, first as puppy, and later after that he came back. We shall miss you Goyro.

And we congratulate a very competent handler Lauren and beautiful Løveliens Nukva of Norris again, this time with no. 2 in open class at Crufts 2015.
A very strong achievement from these two.  Nukva not yet 2 years.
Just have to say that we are not so litle proud of the results of young Nukva.

We congratulate Lauren and beautiful Løveliens Nukva of Norris with Anual Champion 2014. 
This means that 20 months old Nukva is the top winning Leonberger in Northern Ireland this year!
Excellent Lauren.

Nukva Anual Champion 2014

We congratulate Natalia and the worlds most beautiful Leonberger Amicus Optimus Antonius (Norris) with BOB and WW-14 at the World Dog Show in Helsingfors Aaugust 8 this year !!!!!!!!!!!  The winner takes it all!
He did it again Norris, dad to Na'tan and Nala and the other puppies from our N-litter, won a big international victory again. 

           BOB and WW-14 Amicus Optimus Antonius              BOS Lempileijonan Yks Cuklaacilmä


Someone broke into our homepage  some time ago.
This page has been blocked up after that. Now we have received help from our friend in Sweden, Pirre, who managed to open the web-page again for us. We regret tha the page Latest News has been damaged and partly is outside the frame, but this will be restored soon.

Lot of Congratulatios to Lauren Whan and Løveliens Nukva Of Noris!!!!!!!!!!
Nukva became irish Champion only at an age of 15 months! Beautiful Nukva must have made a fantastic impression on quite a number of judges from being a puppy and till no being a real champion, and it has been a pleasure to follow their success all the way. We wish them both all the best while we at the same time anxious follow their success further. THEY ARE THE BEST!

                                                                                     Lauren and Nukva

Løveliens Missenita has got new home.
Due to changed family relations beautiful Missenita has moved from Egersund to her new family in Rendalen.
We wish Cenita and her new family good luck. 
At the same time we like to thank previous owner Tonje for very good cooperation in order to find a new home for "Cenita".

                                                            Løveliens Missenita

Congratulations to Bente and Løveliens Nyah with excellent show result.
10 months old Nyah became BOB Junior and got CK og Res.CAC at Norsk Pinscher Klubbs dog show Saturday and BOB Junior, CK og Res.CAC at Sandefjords Hundeklubbs dog show Sunday. 

Na'tan made his début on official show yesterday - the result was CAC and best dog.
We have a long time been anxious to see how good this unique boy with his good temper could do it as junior at a dog show, as he is only 9 months old. He has done wery well on Puppy Show, but now it is more serious. And Na'tan managed to get his first CAC and became also best dog! 
An excellent result for an excellent junior, and a big encouragement for us at Løvelien.
See also utstillingsresultater.


We regret  unstable website.

The last week our website has been litle accessible due to domene problems, but now it fortunately seems to be in order again.

Løveliens Lord, also called Siko had to give up for the cancer only 2 years and 11 months old. 
Steinar writes:" I have many human friends, but no one have been so faithful, devoted, reliable, considerate, unselfish, persevering and honest as my dear Siko." Siko was allways there by night and warned when Steinar needed his vital medicine, and on one occasion Siko saved his best friend Steinar from a very serious situation. An absolutely self-taught resscuing dog. Our sympathy with Steinar and his family in the grief  for their friend Siko. 


Congratulations to Bente and Løveliens Nyah with excellent show result.
7 months old Nyah became BOB puppy and 4 BIG puppy at Norsk Retrieverklubbs puppyshow yesterday.

Congratulations to kennel Fairy Clock with Løveliens Kat Von D and Løveliens Herkules that yesterday got 11 shapely puppies, 7 females and  4 males. A bit of a flying start for Fairy Clock!
We wish them all good luck and look forward to see the puppies after they have grown bigger. Honour to Oda who did a great job looking after the whelping and receiving all the small puppies.

Kat with her new-borne puppies, and Herkules probably being attentive, but from a safe distance. 

Congratulations to Lauren  and Løveliens Nukva with excellent  winning result

Nukva was awarded GREEN STAR at a Dog Show in Carlow N. Ireland last Saturday, only 6 months old. 
Judge was Mr. R. Tolson. A GREEN STAR is similar to our CAC, and in order to be Irish champion she needs 7 such GREEN STARS. Have to admit we are a bit proud here at Løvelien as well.  

Løveliens Nukva Of Norris

Løveliens Loraine has moved to Mysen.
Our very promising Løveliens Loraine could unfortionately not participate in our breeding programme due to an eye disease. She did very well on many dog shows, and she has an excellent temper. She is almost 3 years and has now moved to her new family living at a very nice place at Mysen. We wish her family and Loraine good luck. 

Puppy Plan deleted by mistake
Puppy Plan including all information from our last litter, N-litter has unfortionately been deleted by a mistake. 

He did it again!
Norris became best of breed, BOB at the prestigious show Crufts in Birmingham today.
Our hearty congratulations to Natalia and Norris. 

Judge was Mrs H E Davenport-Willis.

06.03 2013
New e-mail
The address has been cancelled. 
Ne address is:


10.02 2013
Congratulations to Løveliens Maximilian and Lucio.
13 months old Maximilian became BOB on dog show in Arezzo, Italy.

Photo from facebook


Waiting maybe on puppies as well!

While we on east side of Øyeren are waiting on puppies soon, we are also very happy that a couple on the west side probably are waiting puppies as well, for the first time in more than 100 years! That is if no assassin succeeds. 


Date in Finland
Harmony and Norris met at a beautiful place in the forests of Finland. After a short but formal greeting ceremony the two exploded in a breakneck speed play that after a while ended like it use to end.

Before they separated the next day Norris very elegant washed Harmonys nose like as a leave kiss. 
Now we are looking forward with great suspense to see the consequences of this rendezvouz. 


Løveliens Lucky Luke has moved.
Lucky Luke has got himself a new home in Trysil. When we realized that Lucky could't join our breedng programme further we were very happy to find a safe and good home for our boy in Trysil. Our best wishes for Thorbjørn and Lucky from us at Løvelien.

Today our congratulations go to Amicus Optimus Antonius (Norris), son of Løveliens Guns N' Roses of Barney. Last Sunday Norris won Best of Breed (BOB) and CLUB SIEGER at the German Leonberger Club show in Leonberg.
Norris also won BOB, Best in Group II and BEST IN SHOW ar prestigious show in Dortmund Germany in May, and at a big international show in St. Petersburg he also won BEST IN SHOW among more than 2000 dogs presented. Breeder is Boris Kaskov and owner Natalia Kukharskaya. We congratulate.

AMICUS OPTIMUS ANTONIUS BOB in Leonberg                                        Foto: Tone

Plan for puppies called off
Gazella was not able for the time being to have puppies due to medical reasons. And due to her age she will not have puppies later on either. We very much regret not being able to supply a puppy to those of you who have been waiting on this planned combination with Zkrotis. Zkrotis is a very sensible and conciderate male. Thank you so much Marie Ahlgren. You have been a great support during our visit to Sweden. 

Today we got a pleasant phonecall from her carer saying that Gazella has got her heat-time and we now plan for a trip to Sweden. 

Today our congratulations go to Løveliens Kat Von D for CAC and BEST OF BREED at Norsk Terrier Klubs dog show in Nesbyen. 
Judge was Ann Taggart from Ireland. Congratulations also to Marius.

Congratulations to Løveliens Herkules who has become daddy to 6 large and beautiful puppies in Sweden!  
Together with Mona and Marius he made a trip to Sweden 9 weeks ago, and here are very nice results from that trip.
More info here.


Forget expensive burglar alarms - get yourself a personal bodyguard instead! 
They were expected, and last night they came. They go places hunting for valuables.  Many feel unsafe oposit these crooks, but for many this is rather unneccessary. Get yourself an extra large dog instead as for instance a Leonberger. Let him stay inside during night.  When he tells them to go, it will be understood in all languages and the scum leave, maybe to others not having the same kind of protection in their house. 

Our dogs became furious as strangers were entering our home in the middle of the night. We were alarmed and could ascertain that the "guests" disappeared immediately.

Our new puppy plan is now ready.


Se mer her.

We hereby introduce our new member of the family - Løveliens Mirabella.
More info here. 

As dog and cat!

Løveliens Miss Zille became mummy, but not to any Leonbergerpuppy. 

Thanks to the family Granskov for a clip from the Danish weekly magazine Ude og Hjemme:

"Our eight years old dog Zille has become mother for her first time - not to a puppy, but to a kitten, Anne Granskov from Søborg writes. 
We got the kitten being three months old, and there were no love at first sight. But after two days the litle Mis sliped herself in to the dog and started with loudly smacking to suckle. Zille, being a Leonberger, serprised raised her head to see what was going on, but quickly layed down again and enjoyd it. It started three months ago, and Mis is now six months old, so we wonder how long she will be allowed to have a good time like this. And if this is to live like dog and cat, it can't be that bad at all." 

Good luck to Zille and Mis.


Happy News to you who are waiting for a puppy! The puppies didn't manage waiting until New Year's eve!
They were many and they were nice, and there were downright not enough space any longer to grow inside mummy. So today they were all let out, 12 beautiful puppies, 6 females and 6 males. They all seem to feel happy and have a good time in the puppybox. More about the puppies will come under puppy plans.

The plan for autumns litter has been changed again. Dad will be S UCH Kungslejonets Attila, dayly called Zkrotis, and mother NUCH Løveliens Harmony Von Unkas.
Those two met on 30th and 31th October. We look forward to very interesting NEW YEAR PUPPIES 2012. 
More info and pictures on the page puppy plans.. 

The plan for autumns litter has been changed. Dad will be S UCH Vallonbygdens Crazy In Beer, dayly called Amstel, and NUCH Løveliens Harmony Von Unkas.
Two elegant Leonbergers will shortly meet in Sweden for a date. We look forward to very interesting puppies. 
More info and pictures on the page puppy plans.. 


Løveliens Eron got CACIB and BIM at NKK's dog show at Bjerke today.
Congratulations to Eron and Mona and Marius.


The autumns litter will be with SUCH Vallonbygdens Crazy In Beer, dayly called Amstel, and NUCH Løveliens Gazella Of Barney.
Two elegant Leonbergers will shortly meet in Sweden for a date. We look forward to a very interesting litter. 
More info and pictures will come on the page for puppy plans by and by. 

Congretulations to Golden Viking Easy at Häxeboet kennel
who yesterday received a nice litter of 6 Leonbergerpuppies. 
A special greeting from daddy Figaro.
info here.

Løveliens Leon has for a long time lived with the family Mona og Marius in Notodden, and now we have also formally handed him over to them. 
They should only borrow Eron for some weeks,but weeks became months, and months became almost two years. We very soon realized that the hole family really loved Eron, and it was obvious that he loved staying with them. Even if there were great joy on both sides every time we met, it was quite clear that he wanted to go with them to Notodden again. They have given Eron an even more excellent image than what he had before, and he goes very well along with Herkules and Cat and the kids. 

We wish them good luck with Eron and the other two Leonbergers. 


 Eron at dog show in Sweden                        Photo by Micke Nylin 

Leon is dead
Leon died suddenly today, only 4 months old. This should not happen to a so very young puppy, but than the unintelligible happends anyhow. Leon was a very beautiful and promising puppy named Jupiter during his stay by us. 

Our sympathy goes to Solveig and Ole Gunnar who have lost their best friend so suddenly and meaningless. 


The puppy Løveliens Lomy (earlier Neptunus) has moved to Hurdal
15 weeks old  Lomy today left with her new host Anita for Hurdal. We are quite sure she will have a gorgeous time there. We wish Anita and Lomy good luck.

Congretulations to Liongate's Belki at Liongate
who has received a nice litter of 9 Leonbergerpuppies. 
A special greeting from daddy Goyro.
info her.

Løveliens Grace Of Barney became ill autumn 2009. Since than she has been treated with different medicines, from last summer on a very expensive medicine that showed up to be the only having any effect. The last 5 months she has lived with Berit and Bjørn at Eina. Today we visited veterinary Neverdal, and Grace is now well and almost free from symptoms and in very good condition. She has been removed from our breeding programme and will still live together with Berit and Bjørn, but medicine is vital for her. Thousands of  thanks to those two who have made a fabulous effort in order to help Grace being healthy again.  Our best wishes for Grace, Berit and Bjørn.

The puppies of Harmony and Viggo have all moved to their new owners. 
Tellus went yesterday as the last puppy to Skjeberg in Østfold. She has got the name Løveliens Lara and we wish them good luck. Neptunus will stay with us until we find a host for her. We just could not resist keeping two  puppies from this very elegant litter, the male Saturn and the female Uranus. They are now named Lucky Luke and Loraine. 
Again thanks to all of you who have assisted us that much in connection with this litter, thank you very much. 

Today our congratulations go to Junior Løveliens Kat Von D for CAC and BEST OF BREED at Norsk Boxerklubbs dog show in Letohallen. 
Judge was Rainer Vuorinen from Finnland. Congratulations also to Marius.


Elvira and Tiffany has been removed from our breeding programme and has been registered on new owners. We wish the new owners and the beautiful Leonbegers good luck. 

Also our 5th breeding dog has been tested for the variant of Polyneuropathy LPN1. Result N/N (free).