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Here rest those who not any longer are among us.


Felix killed by a roadhog and left on the road.

It is terrible to get him delivered in a carton by those who found him. Felix was earlier in life run over by a car causing a complicated fracture in his left rear leg.  A metal implant was operated in, he moved to us due to low trafic at that time, and from then he always had great respect for cars and ran out of the road in due time. This time he probably had no chance. There were clear traces from the tyre over his body. If this has been done for fun or not we do not know, but the speed must have been many times 30 km/h which is the speed limit where we live. 

Felix was a special cat, independent but also seeking contact and he was both ours and the dogs best friend. Most of the time he used for body care, and his coat was always clean and shiny irrespectively of how muddy it was outside. He was very interested in the puppies, lay beside and follow the birth. Later on he joined the puppies outside and had good contact with them. 

We miss you Felix, and we will always remember you for who you were, and for bringing small gifts in to the newborn puppies. 

A last farewell from all of us at Løvelien.


 We miss you Buena.

On June 22nd 2010 we had to make farewell to Buena Sala. A decision like this is not easy concerning such a faithful friend during almost 8 1/2 years. Buena had lately sufered from some health problems, and suddenly one day the whole became critical and we had no other choice than contacting our veterinary. 

Buena has given us a total of 27 beautiful Leonbergerpuppies, first with Leodanias Amadeus and thereafter with Barney von der Johann-Adams-Mühle and also with Unkas Löwe vom Osning. A lot of her sons and daughters are doing very well on dog shows in Scandinavia, in Germany and in Russia, and many are happy having a grandchild from Buena. 

Buena was not only a beautiful and feminine Leonberger, she had a special charm, and she loved all people as well as cats and dogs of all kinds, and all living beings. In many ways she was much like her mother Santana. We are very grateful for having you with us these years Buena, and you have given us lot of pleasure.

We will never forget you.

Løveliens Leonbergers


Hilgjerd and Vegard 



Our dear friend  Perro has left us.

Vilde and Perro

Perro only became 6 1/2 years before a serious disease ended his life. There are great sorrow at Løvelien, and not less sorrow at Drevsjø where Vilde and Trine have been taken care of "the happyboy" since he was 5 years old. 

Løveliens Mr De Perro was son of Finnish multichampion Kinglord's Mr De Sevres and Løveliens Santana. He was just beautiful, and he had a special charm making everyone attracted by him. We had our dreams that one day this nice dog should be daddy to new generations, but unfortionately an eye disease set a stop for such plans.

It took us long time before we managed to decide to find a new home for this enchanter, but when our friend Vilde told us she wanted a male we could not say no, and for that we are specially happy today. Perro has had a very good time with Vilde and Trine, and we know they have many good memories from the time they spent together with Perro. 

As by us, our friends on 4 may also get cancer, and it is sad when they have to leave us far too soon. Today our minds go to Vilde and Trine. We all miss Perro. 

Greeting from us at Løvelien.



 A sunbeam is gone

After ten and a half years, Santana has gone away. It feels painful when one's best friend suddenly is not longer with us in the flock. We felt which way it went when she could only walk on three legs, but still. On September 14th 2009 it was completely silent.

Santana has given us many joys and happy memories from that time we were allowed to have her with us. She has also spread joy to many families through her children and grandchildren around in Norway, as well as in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France and Russia.

She had a very special good temper, was friend with everyone, and always a happy dog, even though she had great pain lately.

We miss you Santana.

Hilgjerd and Vegard and family, and all four-legged friends.