How many lives does a Leonberger have?

Tessi did not like going back to the silo for photographing.           
A cat has 9 lives as we all know, but what about a Leonberger? This happened this January:
Løveliens Honeybee von Unkas, daily called Tessi is 19 months old. One day she visited the neighbour together with her family. The people came to their barn and went up on the threshing-floor, Tessi following them. After a while they noticed their friend was gone. They called and looked for her all over, but she did not come, and neither could they hear anything. At last they came to the top of a high silo, and there down at the bottom they could see something dimly.

Good to have Tessi back again                  Here it is more than 8 meters down, and no prcautionary fence

Maybe Løveliens Leonbergers are assembled in a special way, we don't know. Anyhow, landing on the concrete floor far down there after falling more than 8 meters, Tessi was just as whole, and as allways happy to be reunified with her friends. She was immediately taken to the veterinary for an overall check, but nothing was found except for some small grazes. Of cource one does not know what effect this serious accident may have on her health in the future. 
We hope the neighbor  will improve the safety on the silo and that Tessi will be spared from health problems after this. Today she is the same happy Tessi as before the stunt, only a little bit sceptic for returning to the silo. But to the top we assume she will never go.

Tessi had a guardian angel