Grim of Barney / Goyro
  • Title: N UCH, S UCH, DK UCH, NORD UCH 
  • Sex: M
  • Born: 16/6-2006
  • Reg. no: 11477/06
    CHCLUBS03 Barney von der Johann-Adams-Mühle
  • M: Løveliens Buena Sala
  • HD: Free (A)
  • AA: Free (A)
  • Eye examination June 15. 2010: Free
  • LPN1: N/N (free)

We use the name Goyro on this elegant Leonberger. He has a strong red coat with lot of black pigments, is heavyboned and have dark eyes and correct bit. 13 months old he moved back to Løvelien due to changes in family relations at his
first home. We on Løvelien, both on 2 and 4 gave him our warm welcome.
Goyro has a delightful temperament. He is a very lively guy, always happy and ready for whatever to come. Heattime may be an ordeal for him and for all of us, then he is all the time at top gear. Lot of reasons for us to daily call him "Frisky".
He is at the same time very kind and loves all kind of human beings and animals. Everyone have to fall in love with Goyro, and that also goes for our cats. 
Goyro is 73,5 cm high and is weighing 66 kg.
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Here Goyro became Norwegian Champion in June 2009, judge Yvonne Meintjes.
In July 2009 he became Swedish Champion, judge Broeck van den Walte.
In May 2010 he became Danish Champion, judge Wera Hübenthal.
Now he is also Nordic Champion.

Offspring from Goyro:

Offspring from Goyro in Sweden and Norway.